the Subject of disclosure of information Open joint Stock Company "Ферроприбор", in accordance with the requirements of the Resolution of the FCSM of Russia dated July 2, 2003 N03-32/ps "ON the disclosure of information by issuers of emissive securities, "is the following balance sheet data:

The name of the reporting document Format Link
1. Articles of association of JSC “Ферроприбор” RTF regulations.rtf
2. List of affiliated persons of JSC "Ферроприбор" (quarterly) RTF affil.rtf
3. Annual report on the activities of JSC "Ферроприбор" RTF annual.rtf
4. Auditors'report RTF audit_conclusion.rtf
5. Financial statements
  • balance sheet JSC "Ферроприбор" (the form №1)
PDF form1.pdf
  • profit and loss statement of JSC "Ферроприбор" (the form №2
PDF form2.pdf
6. Standard reporting forms
  • statement of changes in capital (form №3)
PDF form3.pdf
  • the report on cash flow (form №4)
PDF form4.pdf
  • the appendix to accounting balance (the form №5)
PDF form5.pdf
7. The board of directors of JSC "Ферроприбор". RTF sovdir.rtf
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