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Ferrite magnets

Properties of ferrite magnets
The Properties of the Ba and Sr magnets

Serially produced by the ferrite magnets standard series of

Rectangular magnets Disc magnets Ring magnets
Rectangular magnets Disc magnets Ring magnets

non-standard sizes magnetsnon-standard products

OF "Ферроприбор" produces магнитотвердые ferrites (Barium and Strontium) and specializes in their precision cutting and processing. There is a possibility to produce magnets in accordance with the the requirements of the customer according to standard sizes, presented in the table below.

Ring under the order of Disk under the order of Rectangular under the order of

D, mm d, mm H, mm L, mm S, mm B, mm
5,0 - kzt5.0 1,5 - 120,0 0,8 - 25,4 2,0 - 150,0 2,0 - 150,0 0,8 - 25,4